Fatburger Founder Lovie Yancey

Fatburger Founder Lovie Yancey

“The name of the store was my idea, I wanted to get across the idea of a big burger with everything on it . . . a meal in itself.”
— Fatburger Founder, Lovie Yancey


The original Fatburger stand in Los Angeles, CA

The original Fatburger stand in Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles in 1952 was a city of dreamers. The fabulous fifties were underway and the air was ripe with opportunity. The city was growing, and its people had to eat. Lovie Yancey, a woman of vision and uncommon character, had her own extraordinary dream - to make the world’s greatest hamburgers. So, with a little luck and a lot of personality, she created something unique - the thickest, juiciest hamburgers anyone had ever seen. She decided right then that there could only be one name for them - Fatburger’s - because it perfectly described their massive size. 

Today, Fatburger’s are just as thick and delicious as they have always been. Our fans know, that when they order a Fatburger, they’re going to get that same great tasting burger that Lovie poured her heart and soul into way back in 1952. With more than 60 years of experience, we know a thing or two about food and what makes eating out fun. Our stores are always clean, always bright and always playing great music. If there was anything Lovie loved more than making great hamburgers, it was her many musician friends who hung around her stand, ordering burgers late into the night, jotting down songs at the counter, or grabbing a shake before heading back to the studio for another jam session. Maybe you’ve heard about the late-night talk show hosts, sports icons, and pop-stars who’ve made Fatburger their hangout of choice. Or maybe you’ve seen Fatburger on TV, or in a big Hollywood movie. It’s all part of the Fatburger legacy. 


With years of experience Fatburger knows what it takes to operate a 24/7 fast casual restaurant. We continually seek out new and innovative ways to make our operations more efficient, to increase top-line sales, and to help our franchisees operate more efficiently. Our industry-leading supply chain delivers high-quality food while maintaining competitive pricing for our franchise partners. For more information about becoming part of the Fatburger family please contact Fatburger here.

Hamburgers are a winning item. Americans alone consume 5.2 billion hamburgers each year. When visiting any restaurant facility, customers order burgers nearly 20% of the time and the market is growing! Fatburger’s aggressive growth plan affords a wonderful opportunity for any entrepreneur with a vision. With Fatburger, you will be joining a rapidly expanding market for freshly prepared food and quality service. At Fatburger, we are proud to say that word of mouth marketing — and a little creative advertising — have filled our restaurants for more than half a century. Demographically, our appeal is limitless. Our customers come from every walk of life – mirroring the diversity of each community in which we are located. Teenagers, singles, families with children, senior citizens – people from all income levels and ethnic backgrounds love a great hamburger. Our customers tell their family, friends and associates about the homemade taste, spotless surroundings, friendly atmosphere and courteous service they experience at Fatburger restaurants.


Why call it a Fatburger? Fatburger is a big, hearty, juicy, gourmet hamburger that uses fresh, 100% pure lean beef. Ironically enough, a local NBC News program conducted an independent test in 1990 to determine the fat content of the hamburgers prepared by the major chains in Los Angeles. They found that Fatburger served the leanest hamburger of them all. The demand for this incredible burger was such that since the first international Fatburger location opened its doors in Canada in 2006, Fatburger has expanded and opened restaurants in over 25 countries with additional stores under development in over 30 countries worldwide. Fatburger has become a familiar presence in Southern California. In addition to its California roots Fatburger has expanded throughout multiple states in the U.S.A. & Internationally. Fatburger restaurants operate in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Currently, Fatburger has over 200 locations open with an additional 350+ locations purchased for / under development worldwide. We are proud to say that word of mouth, and a little creative marketing, has filled our restaurants for over 65 years. Demographically speaking, Fatburger's appeal is limitless. Fatburger customers come from every walk of life, mirroring the diversity of every community in which Fatburger restaurants are located. Teenagers, families with young children, singles, senior citizens, and people from all income levels, and ethnic backgrounds love a great Fatburger. They tell their friends and associates about the superb homemade taste, spotless surroundings, friendly atmosphere and courteous service that they experience at Fatburger restaurants.

  • 200+ locations worldwide with 350+ purchased and / or under development

  • Market specific menu options

  • Flexible store development models

  • Exclusive Master Franchisee & Area Developer opportunities available