Demographics1 Mile2 Mile3 Mile
Daytime Employment10,000+30,000+50,000+
Household Income Median60k+60k+60k+
Per Capita Income21k+21k+21k+
H/H Income Average70k+70k+70k+
H/H Size (Approx.)2.2-2.32.2-2.82.2-2.3
Average Age35-4535-4535-45 > 40%
Median Age32-4032-4032-40
Household Growth1.5%1.5%2.0%
Education: College + 50%50%50%

Here are some qualifications we look for when our expert team assists in targeting potential locations.


  • Easy access
  • Signaled entry and intersection
  • Two to three curb cuts to center
  • Entry from two streets, in both directions
  • Left turn unobstructed


  • 1,500–2,300 square feet in high density-markets (Other sizes considered based on site-specific factors)
  • Minimum seating capacity: 40–50 + patio
  • Food court locations: 800–1,500 square feet


  • Going home traffic side
  • Easily accessible for lunchtime traffic (pedestrian andautomobile)
  • High-frequency specialty retail such as Staples, Target, Home Depot, Costco, etc.
  • High-traffic storefront urban corridors with convenient parking - High-density daytime population (preferably white collar)
  • Frequent retail employees
  • Retail/entertainment centers/town centers
  • Amusements/attractions/museums/clubs/bars/casinos
  • High-density residential population
  • Universities/hospitals - “Mega” bookstore
  • Health clubs Average Daily Traffic


  • 35,000+


  • 5-year minimum with four 5-year options
  • Fixed rates preferred - See letter of intent


  • Site and signage must be highly visible from street and/or traffic generators
  • Visibility of in-store signage is important
  • Ideally visible at least 500 feet from two directions
  • Monument and/or pylon signage


The strategy for seeking and acquiring prime locations in the primary focus markets, the market areas and specific locations within the same area have been predicated on the following location parameters:


1. In-line, end-cap or freestanding locations (1,500–2,300 square feet + patio) where the market is strong enough to support a successful Fatburger unit. In high density-markets, the size of the restaurant will vary to meet market-specific conditions. In-line locations will be considered where visibility, access, parking and signage offset the impact of being surrounded by other tenants. Drive-thru locations shall be evaluated on a location-by-location basis. The landlord will be expected to provide Fatburger demised premises, a vanilla shell, plus a contribution or tenant improvement upgrades consistent with Fatburger tenant improvement requirements which are currently valued at approximately $20.00 per sq. ft.

2. Kiosk or food court locations of 800–1,500 square feet where the venue (regional malls, casino, office building, airport, office corridors, universities, etc.) qualifies under Fatburger’s criteria and no other opportunities are available.

3. Sharing of freestanding locations with compatible co-tenant, including video stores, bookstores, cellular phone stores, florists, coffee houses, juice concepts and high quality quick-service restaurants (Asian, Italian, pizza or sandwich concepts) where there are synergies and we can mutually benefit from traffic generators in the adjacent retail market.

4. Specialty centers, super-store centers or entertainment-oriented commercial/retail centers with anchor sales of $50 million+ a year or mixed-use entertainment, retail and restaurants.

5. The landlord takes control of a previously occupied location, which qualifies under Fatburger site criteria, and restructures a new deal to accommodate the new Fatburger location.

6. In certain circumstances, the only available option for market entry may require the purchase and conversion of an existing compatible restaurant facility or the conversion of the same to a Fatburger restaurant. (In select markets)

7. In an international setting, a franchisee in concert with the franchisor will adjust these parameters as appropriate for the local market.


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